Our Work


We are using technology to bridge the gap between sports and sports enthusiasts. Technology enabled sports ecosystem application connects sports to the world and enabling brands to reach engaged sporting audiences through the sports ecosystem. Faisports is one such sports ecosystem application for those who are passionate and excited about sports.
Technology has become an inherent part of sports and the development of sports and leisure activities has opened possibility for the integration of technology, not only for participants in elite sports but also for the population in general.
The acceptance of sports activities as an important factor for the general health has been fully recognized. This has made sports a significant field of interest for the industry.


Sports Wear
We manufacture and supply performance technical sportswear. We design and supply 100% custom sportswear for individuals & all team apparel needs. Faisports Wear has its own Designing, R&D, Marketing and Distribution capabilities. The Company has developed its own supply chain management system and distribution network in Europe and Indian Sub-continent Regions.


We guide brands through innovative process to deliver the best option to deliver against the brand and business objectives. As traditional sports media companies are trying to grasp the power of new age media, we see an opportunity to address the communication & marketing with innovation.
The ability to identify and exploit communication opportunities. Utilizing the identified communications opportunities helps our clients forge existing and build new relationships with their customers. isquarei provides strategic consulting to marketing departments and internal communication departments.
  • Brand Building
  • Brand Assessment
  • Catchment Area Study
  • Offline Advertising Solution
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Return on Investment Assessment
  • Communication Planner
  • Brand and Reputation Consulting
  • Sport Sponsorship

Advisory Services & Investment

Advisory Services & Investment
Our team is focused purely on driving investment and growth in the sports industry.
We provide expert services to clients across the sports industry. We network with some of the most prominent brands across the semi-pro and professional sports industries across the spectrum. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise provides access to investors in their given niche. Our advisory services takes an "operating leverage" approach, proactively seeking opportunities in sports business.
We work with investors looking for opportunities in:
  • Sports Leagues
  • Sports Teams
  • Sports Facilities & Events
  • Bio Products & Sports Nutrition
  • Sports Equipments
  • Sports-Centric Businesses
We personally co-invest in Sports nutrition products & services and play an active role in driving growth and value. We believe Sports nutrition empowers individuals to achieve optimal health and performance. We partner entrepreneurs to help realize the capital value of the investments to secure the financial future of the respective business.